Scoring – For the tournament this year, we are once again using the 10-point system of scoring. Your team will receive 6 points for a win, 3 points for a tie and 0 for a loss. You will get 1 point for each goal, up to a maximum of 3, and 1 point for a shut-out. This means that in round robin play, ties will stand. For all varsity games, the halves will be 35 minutes in length. Freshmen & Middle School will play 30 minute halves. You will have a 10-minute halftime. The team with the most points in their flight will be declared the Champion. In case of a tie between two teams in the group, the following will be used as the tie-breaker:

  1. Head to head match winner
  2. Least goals allowed in pool play
  3. Most goals scored in pool play

** A team sanctioned with a forfeit is considered to have lost the match by 3-0. Forfeits will count as 10 points towards the winning team